Downloadable Forms


  Group Insurance Transactions Form


  Dependent Eligibility Verification Form


  Dental Claim Form


  Dependent Disability Form

  Disability Form

  Short Term Disability Form


  Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) Withdrawal Request Form


  CAREMARK Allergy Medication Claim Form

  CAREMARK Foreign Claim Form

  CAREMARK Mail Order Form

  CAREMARK Secondary Cov. Claim Form

  CAREMARK Standard Claim Form

  CVS Global Prior Authorization Form

  Magellan - Understanding your Rx Benefits

  Magellan - Member Portal Guide

  Magellan - Mail Order

  Magellan - Specialty Pharmacy

These Forms may be completed and saved to your PC before being Emailed using IMS Secure Email or printed and mailed.

  Authorization Form

  Beneficiary Designation

  Catamaran Prescription Claim Form

  Change Form

  Claim Information Form

  Cobra Notification Form

  CVS/PreD Request form

  Designation of Authorized Representative

  Direct Deposit Authorization Form

  Enrollment Form

  Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Withdrawal Request Form

  Parkview Out of Network Referral Form

  Pre-determination Request Form

  Pre-determination Request Form (PT, ST & OT)

  Prospective Client Information Sheet

  Request for Precertification

  Request For SSN

Las formas abajo requieren adobe acrobat reader.

  Forma de orden

  Reordenar la forma

  Formulario de Autorizaciόn

  Formulario de Historia de Proveedores

  Formulario de informaciόn de la reclamaciόn

  Verificaciόn de elegibilidad del dependiente