Benny™ Card

Flexible Spending Accounts make sense...    Benny™ makes them EASY to use.

With a Benny™ Debit MasterCard® Card, you don't have to pay cash up front, file claims and wait for reimbursement. Benny will help you immediately pay for qualified health care expenses such as:
  • Covered prescription co-pays
  • Orthodontics
  • Out-of-pocket dentist or other provider fees
  • Co-pays & deductibles
  • Lasik surgery and eyeglasses
Sign up for a Flexible Spending Account during your enrollment period and you'll get a new Benny™ Card to make it even easier to use!

 Activate your Benny™ Card.
 Access your Benny™ Cardholder Account.
 Access online merchants and coupons.

The Benny™ Debit MasterCard® Card is issued by BankFirst.